Tuesday, April 1, 2014


                                                 RULE OF COMMON SENSE
The entire Judiciary and the Legal activities are framed or founded on the RULE OF COMMON SENSE. The ingenuity and intuition strengthen the application of Common Sense which is an inbuilt manifestation of the human brain.
This quality is the factor which makes the man superior to animals. The cases, whether criminal or of civil nature are dealt in the manner prescribed by the law books and the procedure orders of our Indian Judiciary. The crime committed has many facets like the following aspects:-
1.      Situations leading to Crime/Offence
2.      The Evidences/witnesses to prove that act of crime
By the person OR the group of persons accused
3.      Proceedings to extract the truth from factual conditions/evidences
From the witnesses etc
Many crimes are done in secrecy and will not have any witness to prove the act of crime. Here comes the importance of circumstantial evidences, particularly crime against women..
The murder of JPC (short form used for the Victim) was a case of preplanned/predestined and cold blooded murder done by a group of persons, who never had any enmity/hatred/personal rivalry with the Victim. Now in such situation, how could these murderers connive against him and TRAP him on the public road and butcher him to Pieces? Therefore it is certain that some External Forces were “at work” abetting such heinous crime?  The Judge also passed this remarks while delivering the Judgment.
The fact that the Killers were convicted and punished does not end in itself.  The SOURCE or Compulsive forces leading to this murder must be investigated as a separate case, to find out the real culprits behind the SCENE...who planned this“THIRAKKATHA”…
The Section 107 of CPC attracts this dastard killing, and therefore further investigation is inevitable to identify the  “PRIME MOVERS ”in this dastardly act. The people who were controlling the whole planning and execution through “REMOTE SENSING GADGETS “are to be” brought to book” If not we will continue to hear deaths in the streets at regular interval.   Politics, the “SCIENCE OF ADMINISTRATION” is being brought down to the level of a dangerous social EVIL for which we are all equally responsible.

Abraham Mangalath

Friday, March 7, 2014


We have had enough of Democratic Administration by the elected people from different states of India from 1947 till date. But none of the parties could govern the country so far to establish a firm footing on which the whole country can be founded with a well planned Administration keeping in view of the fast developments taking place in the neighboring countries.
Freedom from the foreign rule was a great achievement of our forefathers who fought Tooth & Nail to free  India from the foreign bondage. But unfortunately we are still under “Fetters” due to malfunctioning of the Democratic set up due to different ideologies launched by the different party politics resulting in “Chaos” on all the days of the Parliament sessions as well as the State level assembly. Command and control was lost in the process of Administration to suite people of all walks of life, Rich or Poor. Due to confliction of political aberrations and lack of unity in action, we lost the tranquility of social life and the dents created by such overindulgence of politicians have distorted the whole fabrics of social security and freedom.
No what happens?. Everyone takes law in his/her hands in the name of freedom and disturb the peaceful coexistence of people belonging to different religious and cultural denominations.  “Freedom with Limitations” is the real freedom for our social networks. Due to grouping in the political parties, we lost mutual trust & respect amongst the political allies thereby causing impedance in the progress of our country in all spheres of life.
I think at this point of time we must “STRIKE OTHER CHORDS” and play a different tune to resonate the feelings of the common man who do not know the vulgarities and uncertain ways of bad and introvert  politicians. Everyone wants life to be smooth and safe and uninterrupted by others.
Therefore let us have a new outlook on our system of public administration. Let us have only one Head at the center- A PRESIDENT- and one at the state level- A GOVERNOR- The other  Ministries will  remain as such manned by officers of proven abilities in the respective disciplines, from the IAS/IFS/IPS/IRS/ and such other categories. The departments will work in the similar fashion as of now at the center and state level.
The PRESIDENT  & GOVERNORS will be elected by the people of India without any party affiliation for a spell of five years. We must try this system of government machinery for the coming years…
Please let me have your views on this suggestion.

Abraham Mangalath

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Hand that Holds the Pen



Changes take place in people and surroundings as time goes by. The same changes are taking place in the political policies also in the form of new parties adopting different party symbols, the latest being the BROOM STICK (symbol of AAP).
Whatever may be the reasons for launching new party on different ideologies & policies, the ultimate result must be the betterment of the people at large, in their social, cultural and economical status in the overall development of the country.
The famous watch words “Roti, Kappada, and Makan ( Food , Clothing & Shelter) were initiated by the veteran politicians of the past. We can achieve their visions if there is a “common gradient” in the policies of various parties in building and shaping our country at all fronts.
Now the new born party, AAP is born with a different outlook to set right the affairs of the state, by eradicating the Corruption rampant in all spheres of administration. Eminent writer, SARA JOSEPH  has shown her willingness to join this AAP. She can also contribute towards the welfare of the people by her writings which will add to the great task of eliminating corrupt thoughts & actions from the society.

 While joining as an active member of the AAP, she should not leave the WRITING PEN in the haste of holding the BROOM STICK to sweep off the corrupt elements from the society. Each person is unique in mind & body and his/her contribution to the society, is the outcome of the talents inherent in them. That talent is to be identified and used for the betterment of the common man.
Therefore I feel that change over of ideas and policies at the later stage of one’s life may not do well in the wholesome development of the country.. 

The PEN is mightier than the SWORD and WORDS are mightier than SWORDS are the true sayings, Therefore persons like SARA JOSEPH must continue to use her PEN rather than using the BROOM STICK to sweep off the blemishes in the form of CORRUPTION, from the society.


Thursday, January 2, 2014


                            IN and Outside the Assembly Hall?

During the year that has gone by, we have had many occasions of objections followed by obstructions and premature closure of the assembly proceedings….
In this year also, the situations may not be different. We can expect more of agitations both inside & outside the assembly hall causing loss of precious moments in our struggle to achieve self sufficiency in food and dwelling houses for all….
The opposition parties (whoever may be) tries to pull down the ruling party on whimsical & unimportant matters, not contributing, in any way, for the progress of this developing state.
the agitations and  “Dharana” hitherto on the streets are now being retreated to the assembly hall again, as stated by the convener of the opposition group, He says that  the change over from street to inside the assembly is in view of the ensuing election!.
This seems to be a strange declaration.. How could the agitation be withdrawn, if it was a genuine “samaram” for a genuine purpose to protect the rights & privileges of the general public?  By continuing the samram they should have won the hearts of the people and come out successful in the election…
The elected representatives have to perform their part inside the assembly and sort out problems confronting the state, jointly to arrive at a decision, acceptable to all. Instead they take shortcuts and come out of the hall and behave rashly outside and block the roads and resort to samaram. This results in inconvenience to public in their day to day activities. The leaders do not have any control over their followers, resulting in violent reactions from the unruly crowed causing  severe damage to the state.
The leaders of all the parties, for that matter, are confused and not able to visualize their goal clearly, and they try to undo the efforts of the ruling party whenever they take over the reign or sit in opposition bench…
The actions, of both ruling & opposition, seem to be thoughtless & immature in style & use.

Abraham Mangalath

Sunday, December 22, 2013


                                          DEAD MEN’S ASSOCIATION (DMA)
                                                  DEAD MEN’S UNION (DMU)

You can name it in any manner, the Association that is underway soon for establishing the rights and privileges of those who “JOINED THE MAJORITY”.. The reason for such apprehension is only because of the recent promotions and pensions ordered to those who are not with us and those who are retired. Their eligibility, considered by the department on what speculative reasons are not known to the Media or anybody else. The policy of counting everybody at PAR (whether dead or alive) is not within the ordinary prudence of understanding!. It is reported that the above two categories of Employees (Dead or Retired) are also enlisted for promotion to the next rank as per seniority! The retired employees continue to get their regular benefits as if they are still in service!

Now on detection of such gross negligence of the supervisors/office superintendents/officers in the respective departments, the Government may take appropriate action… In case the conferred privileges are withdrawn, The Dead men’s Association (DMA) can lodge a petition and also enter into a SAMARAM as is often seen in the living sector! These invisible people may claim “SOLITARY ALLOWANCE for their indefinite stay in the Tomb or burial/cremation grounds!!

Though the views of mine in this episode of recent happenings, is taken as funny or otherwise, I feel that some genuine substance is hidden in the untoward incidents in the office administration. In fact the whole administration must be ashamed of such ridiculous state of affairs in our public administration. The officers and supervisory staff,   concerned for such gross mistake must voluntarily lay down their credentials in “Lock, Stock & Barrel” and hand over to somebody else to bear the burden of administration for a clean set up in the Government Machinery..  

Abraham Mangalath

Thursday, December 12, 2013


The supreme creation, the man was given the power to rule over all the other creatures and to sustain them in the natural conditions as they are, both male & female. The sexual behavior between male and female is considered as a sacred union for procreation of humanity. The homosexual feeling or action is against the Natural Law or I may say, against the “Legally Acceptable Wisdom”( LAW).

The sexual relation, being the natural course of relation between opposite sexes, how could such thought of legalizing homosexuality be discussed in parliament or elsewhere? Why should we go against the Nature? Even the animals in the jungle do not take part in this kind of unholy affairs amongst them.

May be our   “doomsday” is close by, and it makes everything turtle! And in that state, the Devil takes over control of the man and makes him dance to his tune! How could we advocate for such misbehavior of indulging in unnatural sexual act with the same sex and degrade ourselves to the level of Animals?.

The fate of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah is known to us!. I am not a Prophet or a Soothsayer, but I can foresee the fate of our generation. It also may be that of the people of Sodom & Gomorrah, if we do not turn away from our evil ways, the cruel and unnatural behavior.  I wish, Let it not be so!

 I may request the world body of experts, in the study of Anthropology, to think over this unnatural behavior of mankind, to save us from the Grip of the Devil..

Abraham Mangalath

Sunday, December 8, 2013


                                    TO SURRENDER OR TO FORGIVE?

The latter is a spontaneous expression of the aggrieved person when he is abused or hurt by another person. But here is a case of Forgiving after a long lapse of time. Bishop forgives the political leader for the abusive words “ NIKRISTA JEEVI” used by the politician sometime back. Political party leaders always have dual actions and expressions in their day to day affairs to win sides!. I am reminded of the legendary “BAT” which claimed it to be an Animal & Bird at the same time, showing the “Teeth & Wings”.

Politicians also play dual role in their enthusiasm in sponsoring their ideologies to the people and also to gain their stand in public.. They play different “Tune” according to the situations. Now in the context of the declared policy of the CPI (M) in the recent conference, not to have any contact or affiliations with the religious Communities or Institutions, how could the leader himself visit the Bishop to reestablish the good will and relation with religious leaders? That too they sit around the dinner table and take part in Supper served on the occasion? The last Supper was served on the Eve of Crucifixion! Now I think on the Eve of next Election!

God the creator only has the authority to Create/Destroy. Jesus himself drove away the Money lenders and the business traders from the church premises by lashing them out with a Whip. Appropriate action at appropriate time. That is what Jesus did in the Temple.

In this current instance of forgiving the political leader at a later stage, for abusing the Bishop, I “Smell a Rat” and also I can foresee a “Skeleton in the Cupboard”! Everybody must be alert…

Abraham Mangalath