Sunday, August 24, 2014


                    DISCUSSIONS ON BAR LICENCE

Dialogues on the issue of bar license to hotels were continuously going on for the past few weeks. But so far no decision could be taken by the Government due to different approaches of the political leaders. This was mainly lingering on the acceptable standard of the BARS that can be permitted to sell liquor. What are the standard specifications for sale of liquor was the query raised by the honorable court.  IsThe quality of liquor and its degree of Intoxication, the criteria for standard alcoholic drinks? What I could see on the bottle is only the remarks “Alcohol is injurious to health” and also the % of alcohol in the content for the guidance of the people who go to the liquor shop or to the BAR for a drink!

Presently we have umpteen problems in daily life in respect of safety in TRAVEL/BAD ROADS WITH POT HOLES & PITS throughout the state and also Price rise in all commodities both edible and non edible.. Instead of attending to these severe social evils, we are trying to fix up standards for bar hotels to serve liquor! The officials must fix up the PRIORITY for mitigating the hazards of daily life of the common man and take prompt action instead of “BEATING ABOUT THE Bush”. We hear, almost daily on fatal accidents on the ROADS/Railways/AIRPLANES/ and also deaths due to SUICIDES/COLD BLOODED MURDER/ and diseases causing loss of human life more than the damages due to drinking from Bar hotels..

On a careful study of the human nature prevailing in the society, it can be seen that “SOBER” people are causing dangerous situations by plotting and scheming against their rivals and planning to eliminate them.  But those who are given to drinking will not be causing direct injury to others unless provoked..


 Such people are called ENEBRITES (who are addicted to drinks). From time immemorial liquor was in use right from the PRIMITIVE MAN to the present generation. Therefore I feel that liquor must be sold in every shop like any other things so that availability may result in psychological reduction in the purchase of drinks costing very high which will affect their purse!

 More than that, continuous COUNSELLING at home/schools and through other media, highlighting the EVIL EFFECTS of alcohol is required to bring in awareness in the minds of those addicted to heavy consumption of liquor. Initially the use of alcoholic drinks in a MODERATE WAY to be introduced and thereafter, in course of time some of the people will definitely come back as  better social beings.  In case the Liquor is banned throughout, then they will resort to SPURIOUS DRINKS which will result in fatal calamities. We have to “play a different tune” with a Psychological approach to arrest the tendency of people from this social menace..

Abraham Mangalath


Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Smt. Arundhathi Roy has taken the role of a person who can comment on the Rastrapitha, in her characteristic style of writing a book. Freedom of speech does not mean that one can say or write whatever comes in one’s mind. Her speech on a public stage about Gandhiji was reported by the visual media recently. She spoke as if she was an eye witness of Mahatma Gandhi’s life in South Africa!!

Presumption mixed with guesswork, followed with own interpretation on Mahatma Gandhi and his life are not for the younger generations of today to comment upon. When I was 14 years old my father told me that he has seen Gandhi in person, and he narrated the life and works, and death of Mahatma Gandhi in January 1948.

“Tongue is mightier than the Sword “, as also “Spoken words “are mightier than Pen..One should not forget the above saying while speaking in public, and should control the tongue as the words spoken cannot be retrieved.. The writings can be erased, but our words will move about in a Sinusoidal wave and remain in air and can be harnessed through the Electronic media by the coming generations..

In this context I can only say with Dr. Johnson. “IGNORANCE MADAM, PURE IGNORANCE”. Dr. Johnson told these words to the Land Lady when he was climbing the locked main gate while the wicket gate was fully opened!
Abraham Mangalath

Sunday, August 3, 2014


                              WORDS OF HONOURABLE JUDGE A.R.DAVE

“If I was the Autocratic ruler of India, I would have introduced the Holy Scriptures- GEETHA & MAHABHARAT in all the classes from 1st standard”

The above were the reported words of the honourable Judge A.R.DAVE, seen in the Malayala Manorama KOCHI dated 03.08.2014 .How could such thought come in the mind of a judge, who is believed to be impartial in his judgments?.  I feel that the saying” Sober as a Judge”is not in tune with the words he spoke in the public meeting.

How could anyone forget the Religious Books of all other communities in India who live in harmony from time immemorial and proving Indians, as an outstanding example of Religious Tolerance compared to any other country?

Such words from an esteemed person is really causing anxious moments in the minds of people who always expect impartial and natural justice from any legal authority , while  pronouncing judgment  in cases of people belonging to different religious  denominations..

The intention of such words from a reputed judge may not be clear to many of the readers of this news. As a senior citizen over 80 years of age, I am unhappy.. He would have been trying to prescribe a Social Catalyst to trigger a sense of unity by introducing  Geetha & Mahabharat to the school syllabus for  promoting a better and sober society !

Abraham Mangalath

Friday, July 25, 2014




The other day there was a terribly shocking accident in Telegana , killing 25 school children at an unmanned level crossing, as reported by the media.  Such fatal accident caused due to the carelessness of the driver is inexcusable. (In this case the driver was also killed).
The right of way is for the trains and the road users must obey the traffic rules while crossing the railway track at level crossings.

The instructions are very clear.. The transport vehicles while approaching the unmanned railway crossing must stop short of the crossing and the conductor or helper must get down and pilot the vehicle after ensuring that no train is in the vicinity. Till the vehicle is clear of the track the person piloting the vehicle must continue to watch for the trains if any approaching..
The recent accident is reported by the media as “Train hits the school bus”. It is not true.. “School bus hits the rain “is the correct way of reporting, which shows the factual situation at the time of accident. Train do have regular time table and the local people know about the running of trains in that section. Therefore the drivers must be alert while approaching the unmanned level crossings and follow the procedure mentioned above.. The Railways also to ensure more safer methods such as manning the crossing or constructing ROB/RUBs wherever required, to GUARD against the overenthusiastic and speedy driving HABIT of the  drivers of road vehicles ..

 The principal and school managers must counsel the drivers of the school buses very often to follow safety driving habits while carrying children to school and back..

Abraham Mangalath

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


                           WOMEN,S BANK-WOMEN’S HOTEL- WHAT NEXT?

 A separate banking facility for women is already in place, so that women may transact their business without any male domination.. Now hotel for women! Here also the women will take charge of the hotel or restaurant to save their own community of the female folk from atrocities and other violent attacks from men..

These wonderful ideas were never thought of by our ancestors in the past. May be that they wanted to maintain the unity of Men & Women as “ One Body “ for peaceful living, even if some misdeeds occur amongst the human beings. Difference of opinion and reactions will be there in the society consisting of men & women. That does not mean that we must separate them as two units and start working on separate establishments..Why such overenthusiastic feelings of security for women by the “over smart” people without going through the damage it can create in the social fabrics.

In a place of work, if only women are employed, will there not be any mishap? Everything will go in a Smooth and Congenial way? I do not think so. There are umpteen cases of crimes nowadays against women by women like, Theft, smuggling, women trafficking and other nefarious activities. They are equally bad as men in the malpractices and breaking of Laws of the land. The mere fact that crime against women is rampant does not warrant a “Separate Enclosure” for women..We have sufficient legal measures to counter such criminal cases from Men towards Women and vice versa! That being the situation, why a “Mono Rail” travel in daily life of the people, segregating men & women in different compartments?

In my earlier note on Women Banks, ironically I had mentioned about providing a SEPARATE STATE for women so that we will ensure absolute safety for women from men who are prompted to molest or spoil the peaceful existence of women in the present set up..

Many accidents occur on Roads/Railways and Air travel. For that matter, are we going to close down all the transport systems in India? The intention of my writing this note is to apprise the authorities that we cannot change the natural habitat of human beings in their basic instincts and behavior in life. Continuous counseling and awareness programs only will cure the social evils to a certain extent. “Command & Control.” is the Essence of administration. Then everything can be put in order. Otherwise we will continue to “Chase our Shadows for nothing.


Abraham Mangalath

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

UNION BUDGET 2014-2015

                                                      POST BUDGET DISCUSSIONS


Every year after the annual Budget there have been discussions by several lobbies on the merits & demerits of the Budget presented by the Finance Minister. These experts who “analyze thread bare” on the good & bad effects of the proposed budget provisions, should have used their EXPERTISE in advising the Government early (Before the Event!) and not after wards with brilliant ideas ( “After the Event”). This way of “putting the cart before the horse” may not fetch us anything in the application of the Budget provisions on the practical field. At the initial stage of the general budget, a comprehensive study by the Expert Committee consisting of the renowned Economists would do better than the post discussion…

 I am an Engineer and a poor Economist,, in the sense, I do the best, technically feasible, method of executing a job taking into consideration the field conditions. Economically it may not be cheap but technically sound in the matter of SAFETY… Therefore I am of opinion that the present way of “beating about the bush” and attributing faults on the other man’s shoulders, we must conceive ways & means to set right our financial crisis in the coming years..

Abraham Mangalath

Monday, July 14, 2014


                                                        PWD ROADS & BRIDGES

            The maintenance of the roads and bridges in Kerala is in a deplorable condition. The roads are not safe for travel.  No attention is being given to the regular upkeep of the roads and bridges, for repairing the surface profile in good condition. This pitiable state of the roads & bridges is due to the indifferent and irresponsible attitudes of the PWD Engineers, who seem to be not bothered about the standards of maintenance of the” running surface” of roads and bridges. In the context of increased axle loads and frequency of  traffic, it is absolutely essential to have constant monitoring of the scheduled maintenance.

My recent travel from Ernakulam to Kottayam on 14th July, was terrifying and dangerous, particularly on the bridge crossing Kaniyampuha river. Can anyone imagine coming across POT HOLES and uneven surfaces on the bridge, as if driving in a PADDY FIELD! Why such careless attitudes by the Engineers of the PWD?  It seems that these Engineers are TECHNICALLY BLIND or they do not want to exert themselves in such hard duties in maintaining roads & bridges. Unless these inefficient officials are removed from SERVICE and able and smart Engineers are put on the job, we will continue to have road accidents in future occurring at one place or other in the state.

I request the PWD minister to take firm action in such cases of negligence of the officials in their primary duties, and employ Engineers of ACTION for the safety works..The Minister concerned may have to revamp the department for better service to the common man in the matter of safe travel on roads & bridges.

Abraham Mangalath