Thursday, April 26, 2018

My Stray Thoughts of the Day.

1. Silence is Golden but Patience is Peace Maker

2. Birth is a necessary Entry to Life and Death is a necessary Exit from Life , the former with Welcome and the latter without Welcome !

3. The greatest Men & Women of Fame had a Tincture of Madness in them - (Aristotle)

4.  A Doctor must be "Patient" to treat a "Patient" to avoid treatment as an "Inpatient" due to ""Impatient" "nature of the Doctor who does not have "Patience"while attending a Patient!

5. Birth & Death are  the Beginners of Life, the former for the Earthly Life and the latter for the Eternal Life !

Friday, October 14, 2016



Dear brothers & Sisters and children,
I stand before you not as a speaker but as one of the Eldest persons. gathered here!
 In fact the subject lesson on which we share today, according to the Church Calendar is “CARING AND ACCEPTING THE ELDERLY”. The lessons we heard this morning also are focussing on this aspect of our behaviour towards the Elders, both our parents and the older people in the community.
God has given us life in four Packages 1) The Child hood 2) The teenage 3) The Youth and 4) The Old age. All the four are of different nature and specialities. In Childhood the entire care is taken by the parents particularly the Mother, as the child is unable to do anything for itself. Thereafter during the Teenage the parents have a remote control on the children in their daily needs both at home and in their education etc. 
During the Youth or Adolescent period there is a total change in the personality development and he or she looks after their needs themselves with occasional help from their parents and friends.
 Now the next stage is very important as it has multifaceted features which have to be handled carefully. First of all the Elders themselves must know their limitations. This fact is to be accepted by them. The children and those who are with these old people also must accept their inabilities and support them to tide over the problems.
Before we examine the different aspects of Elderly people of this generation, we may go back to our ancestor’s period of living together as a joint family, sharing the burden together in their family and attending the needs of the elderly people. Feeling of isolation is not felt by the elders and this situation makes them forget their infirmities. They also share the happiness and sorrows together with members of the family.
God gave a companion to Adam only because he did not want Adam to be alone and in isolation. That shows that by creation we need mutual support to live in whatever stage we are. King David was anxious about his old age and he prays to God not to forsake him in his old age when he will be feeble in strength. He pleads God to give long life to convey the God’s Glory and Power and Strength to the future generation. God answered his request and promised him to take care of him. Read Paslms 71 and Isaiah 46/4
 The old age is an agonising period of life and you need a comforter to help you.  WHILE Jesus Christ was on the cross He  asked  His  disciple John to look after His mother Mary. This confirms the fact that elders cannot live alone in old age. Jesus also tells His disciples that, HE will send a Comforter to them after He is gone. This instance clearly shows that we must take care of our Elders in their difficult period of life.
 GOD wants the youngsters to obey His commandments (Deuteronomy 5-16, Ephesians 6/1-2 and Colossians 3/20). Also the elders must on their part train up their children the way of life so that they will not depart from it in their life on this earth.( See Proverbs 22-6)
The younger generation must therefore be alert to learn more from their parents and Elders so that they will look after their parents in later stages.
EXODUS 21-17 is an important verse to be seen by our Youngsters.
In this context we have to remember that the old age is our 2nd Childhood. As we were brought up by our parents we have to return the same service of supporting and caring our parents in their old age. This reciprocal support is our benign duty given to us by God and we have to fulfil that responsibility while on Earth. The modern tendency of sending our dear ones to an old age home or any other distant places will not do justice to our duties towards our Father and & Mother. Please remember that. These elders in these homes will not be happy and in Peace. They always like to be in the same house during  the last lap of their earthly journey and any amount of comforts offered in the old age homes will not match with the homely comforts they get in their Homes with their dear ones. Your presence will be a “ Soothing Balm” for their mental agony and bodily pains.
The recent decision of the Supreme Court also subscribe to the fact that the elders should be in their own houses and the children cannot put them elsewhere. According to “The Senior Citizen act 2007”, negligence and desertion in the welfare of parents and Elders is a punishable criminal offence.
Recognition is very important in the relation to our Elders. We must respect them and always accept their disposition and extend a helping hand even if they are not related to us. A waving or gesticulation is enough to keep them happy, as they feel that you are with them. This will give great feelings for those who are lonely with attended problems. Never discard a person in distress. We cannot be Good Samaritan always. But at times when opportunity comes we must render a helping hand.
Now coming back to our topic on Elderly Care  and Acceptance of them with due Respect and also sharing their problems in life.
Acceptance of old people
Both the old and young must accept the difficulties of old age. Accepting the disabilities of old age and getting rid of them by mutual support. King David knew his old age limitations and he prayed to God for strengthening him in his old age. He pleaded for long life so that he can pass on to the coming generation about the power and strength of God.i Ref: Paslms 71- 9-18
Joseph accepted his father Jacob and all his belongings and his brothers to Egypt during the famine in Canan, with the permission of King Pharoah, who sent his chariots to bring them to Egypt. Joseph loved and he accepted his brothers who wanted to kill him in the past. Genesis 46-28-34
Ruth accepts Naomi her Mother in law and renders all help to her in her old age. Acceptance follows Respect. Ruth respected her old mother in law and protected her. “Hoary head is a crown of Glory if it be found in the ways of righteousness.” Proverbs 16-31

Respect Elderly persons.
In Exodus 21-17 it is said” He that curses his Father or Mother shall surely be put to Death”. and in Deut: Chapter 5-16, Ephesians 6-1-2 , and Colossians 3-20,  we  read the portions dealing with our behaviour towards our Elders. “Honour thy Father and Mother as thy Lord and thy God has commanded to thee, that the days may be prolonged and it may go well with thee in the Land which the Lord thy God give thee”.
The children must be brought up to obey and respect the parents and other elderly people. Remember the verses in Proverbs 22-6. Again  St. Paul,l while writing to his son (  Not Biological son) but son by faith, tells Timothy to ensure that in  Ephesus he cautions them  “ Not to Rebuke the Elders but Respect them .The elders as Father and the younger as brother.  Elder woman as Mother and younger as sisters! 1st Timothy 5-1
Now few points to keep us happy in old age of our life.
1       TEACH your children the way of life. THE BOOK of proverbs must be taught to them till they learn by heart.
Daily pray before going to bed (Famil

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Two identical cases of untimely deaths, during a spell of 23 years or so. The first was in a convent at Kottayam and now at Pala. Identical situations in both, except the places of occurrence, falling in the same district!
The case of murder of Abhaya is still on the “anvil” and the officials are still “struggling” to come out with a firm decision! The criminals are still moving in the crowd! While the victim in the first murder was a young lady, this time it is a grown up lady 69 yrs old! On a detailed thinking on the two death cases, one can form an opinion in the “unsafe” conditions prevailing in such “enclosures” under the charge of Christian Institutions. Are these suspected life risks, culminating in deaths, because of the peculiar state of these “unmarried ladies” having untold miseries in their daily life in the convent?
Whatever investigations we do, unless there is a machinery to hasten the fact finding process, this death case also will linger on for another spell of 20 years or more! The reasons may be, over powering of the inmates by external forces or by the lack of internal security? All these factors of relevance in these suspected murder cases must be investigated into thread bare details to arrive at the exact reasons for such untimely deaths.
A divine approach on the part of the catholic church leaders only will eliminate such sorrowful living conditions leading to untimely death of the inmates of these convents.
Abraham Mangalath Philip     

Friday, September 4, 2015


Lawful decision by the Judges
In India we have different tiers of courts starting from Sub courts to District courts/High court and the Ape court (Supreme Court). The court cases referred to the lower courts are often being referred to the higher courts for further review and orders.
Applying the “same rule” for “similar crimes” must normally be disposed of in the same manner! But it is often seen that the judgement of a lower court, when referred to the higher courts differ in “style and use”. That means an element of individual discretion is being applied by judges in the matter of dispensation of each case. In such cases, not only delay takes place, but also concerns over the decisions of one or more courts brings in controversial features in the judiciary.
“To err is human” is a natural occurrence and the judge has indicated this fact while dealing with the matter of deletion or abolition of the “death penalty” from our judicial system. Now if the authority can “err” in the final decision, how much more the ordinary criminal can “err” in his action?
The “killer instinct” in human beings is in-built in his nature and he/she on sudden impulses or emotion commits murder. Also there can be “cold blooded” murder. To deal with such cases, the Judiciary has to find out an alternate means of restricting “human slaughter”, if at all the existing law is amended and Death Penalty abolished. Isolation of the murderer from outside world, in restricted space in Jail till he “joins the majority” in natural course, seems to be an alternative punishment..
An instance of 60 years delay was reported by a senior advocate Sri. N.N.Sgunapalan in manorama dated 4.9.2015. It may not be perused further as the complainant and the respondent might not be alive to follow up the case! Another murder case is still pending for final disposal (Sister Abhaya case)! The agonising moments of the family members continues till date! The delay in finalising the punishment to the criminal, the system is indirectly punishing the family members of the victim for a prolonged period of time. How can we justify this type of mental torture to the relatives of the victim?. Unless our system is revamped on a higher Pedestal of Excellence in the application of Law, we may reach a point of “No return” in the Matter of JUSTICE.
DIVINITY IN our action will terminate all our problems in adjudication.
Abraham Mangalath Philip

Saturday, February 21, 2015


                                                   MAN-KILLER Vs MAN-EATER
The recent incident of the attack of a village women in Wayanad by a Man-Eater (Tiger), resulting in her death, shows how we are exposed to the Wild Animals. We have had such incidents earlier also. These fatal attacks are mainly due to the Exodus of the wild animals from deep jungles to human inhabited area in search of prey which are either extinct or disappeared due to the breakdown of “Jungle Laws” by the developers and resort builders in the forest territory.
Sudden growth of structures badly affects the ecological balance of Wild life in the forest and the “Fauna & Fonda” get scared and move out of the jungles.  Adivasis or the Tribal people knew the Jungle rules and lived together without any serious damages, avoiding direct encounter with wild animals.  But the recent growth of huge structures and resorts occupying large areas of forest, the wild animals started coming out of the deep forest, in search of prey.  These animals attacked the villagers at times when they are starving. Such case only caused the death of the village woman in Wayanad .To guard against this type of dreadful situation we have to retain the “Jungle Laws” and stop interference with the natural surroundings.
Now coming back to the “Man Killers” we have had few cases in the past. These murderers were “hands in gloves” with their selected politicians for “security cover” for their dastardly crimes. They also take the shelter of renowned lawyers for legal support to come out from the clutches of Law. This unholy relation with the men in power, results in continuous cases of crimes leading to murder of innocent people also.
We were all shocked to hear the murder of the security Sri. Chandrabose of the “Shoba city “ in Trichur.   The Killer Nissam took it as “Fun or Sports” to chase up in car and kill the poor man on duty. Can we imagine such deadly assaults to an unarmed person? Even the enemies do not attack an unarmed individual. .
 It is strange to read the media report, that the Police officials did not record the statements of the victim before his death!!
Now everybody must seriously think over this kind of inhuman behaviour, (Worse than the Man Eater which killed for its food), by an individual who disobeys the “Law of the Land”.  What can be the punishment for this “cold blooded’ murder by a “Man Killer” compared to the one meted out to the “Man Eater” who killed for its food?  Let Divinity in action be our watchword in life..

Abraham Mangalath  Philip

Thursday, January 29, 2015


                                    UNITIY IN DIVERSITY- INDIA
Indian socio religious status was one of the best in the world as it tolerated the presence of different religious groups all over India.  Of late this status of religious unity is being exploited by few politicians to gain their own ends.
The faith in God is a personal right and he/she can adopt any faith he/she likes. The parental care and support will naturally prompt the descendants to continue in the same faith. But fundamentally the human beings are one and the same, and hence there cannot be any discrimination on this account.
Unity in Diversity was our watchword and we could win over the foreign rulers only due to our united efforts. Now after independence we started thinking in a deviated route due to the influence of introvert political leaders who clandestinely developed antisocial relations by injecting the religious enmity and hatred amongst the people of India.
The population growth is a natural phenomenon and cannot be restricted by any forceful orders for producing more or reducing the population. Of course our economical situation demands a small family unit to maintain social balance in life with adequate basic amenities.
The recent campaign and exhortation by fundamentalists reported in (Times of India) dated 22nd January 2015,  gives us a feeling that we are  “running at a tangent” from our policy of demographic  growth in India. Increasing the number of people in one religious sector will not produce any positive result in the peaceful existence of the people. Also the political leaders must not be under the false impression that “one faith and one religion” will settle our issue on social and economic progress.
Therefore these introvert and arrogant political leaders must stop such foolhardy thoughts and come forward to take up more responsible jobs of uniting the country  as a “well knit” nation. It is my personal request to all the public servants both in Political & administrative fields to take care of our common men, so as to enable them to stand on their own legs in the matter of their daily needs.
 “ Take care of the vital things, other things will take care of themselves” is a well known saying which we should honour in Style & Use..

Abraham Mangalath Philip