Friday, July 25, 2014




The other day there was a terribly shocking accident in Telegana , killing 25 school children at an unmanned level crossing, as reported by the media.  Such fatal accident caused due to the carelessness of the driver is inexcusable. (In this case the driver was also killed).
The right of way is for the trains and the road users must obey the traffic rules while crossing the railway track at level crossings.

The instructions are very clear.. The transport vehicles while approaching the unmanned railway crossing must stop short of the crossing and the conductor or helper must get down and pilot the vehicle after ensuring that no train is in the vicinity. Till the vehicle is clear of the track the person piloting the vehicle must continue to watch for the trains if any approaching..
The recent accident is reported by the media as “Train hits the school bus”. It is not true.. “School bus hits the rain “is the correct way of reporting, which shows the factual situation at the time of accident. Train do have regular time table and the local people know about the running of trains in that section. Therefore the drivers must be alert while approaching the unmanned level crossings and follow the procedure mentioned above.. The Railways also to ensure more safer methods such as manning the crossing or constructing ROB/RUBs wherever required, to GUARD against the overenthusiastic and speedy driving HABIT of the  drivers of road vehicles ..

 The principal and school managers must counsel the drivers of the school buses very often to follow safety driving habits while carrying children to school and back..

Abraham Mangalath

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


                           WOMEN,S BANK-WOMEN’S HOTEL- WHAT NEXT?

 A separate banking facility for women is already in place, so that women may transact their business without any male domination.. Now hotel for women! Here also the women will take charge of the hotel or restaurant to save their own community of the female folk from atrocities and other violent attacks from men..

These wonderful ideas were never thought of by our ancestors in the past. May be that they wanted to maintain the unity of Men & Women as “ One Body “ for peaceful living, even if some misdeeds occur amongst the human beings. Difference of opinion and reactions will be there in the society consisting of men & women. That does not mean that we must separate them as two units and start working on separate establishments..Why such overenthusiastic feelings of security for women by the “over smart” people without going through the damage it can create in the social fabrics.

In a place of work, if only women are employed, will there not be any mishap? Everything will go in a Smooth and Congenial way? I do not think so. There are umpteen cases of crimes nowadays against women by women like, Theft, smuggling, women trafficking and other nefarious activities. They are equally bad as men in the malpractices and breaking of Laws of the land. The mere fact that crime against women is rampant does not warrant a “Separate Enclosure” for women..We have sufficient legal measures to counter such criminal cases from Men towards Women and vice versa! That being the situation, why a “Mono Rail” travel in daily life of the people, segregating men & women in different compartments?

In my earlier note on Women Banks, ironically I had mentioned about providing a SEPARATE STATE for women so that we will ensure absolute safety for women from men who are prompted to molest or spoil the peaceful existence of women in the present set up..

Many accidents occur on Roads/Railways and Air travel. For that matter, are we going to close down all the transport systems in India? The intention of my writing this note is to apprise the authorities that we cannot change the natural habitat of human beings in their basic instincts and behavior in life. Continuous counseling and awareness programs only will cure the social evils to a certain extent. “Command & Control.” is the Essence of administration. Then everything can be put in order. Otherwise we will continue to “Chase our Shadows for nothing.


Abraham Mangalath

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

UNION BUDGET 2014-2015

                                                      POST BUDGET DISCUSSIONS


Every year after the annual Budget there have been discussions by several lobbies on the merits & demerits of the Budget presented by the Finance Minister. These experts who “analyze thread bare” on the good & bad effects of the proposed budget provisions, should have used their EXPERTISE in advising the Government early (Before the Event!) and not after wards with brilliant ideas ( “After the Event”). This way of “putting the cart before the horse” may not fetch us anything in the application of the Budget provisions on the practical field. At the initial stage of the general budget, a comprehensive study by the Expert Committee consisting of the renowned Economists would do better than the post discussion…

 I am an Engineer and a poor Economist,, in the sense, I do the best, technically feasible, method of executing a job taking into consideration the field conditions. Economically it may not be cheap but technically sound in the matter of SAFETY… Therefore I am of opinion that the present way of “beating about the bush” and attributing faults on the other man’s shoulders, we must conceive ways & means to set right our financial crisis in the coming years..

Abraham Mangalath

Monday, July 14, 2014


                                                        PWD ROADS & BRIDGES

            The maintenance of the roads and bridges in Kerala is in a deplorable condition. The roads are not safe for travel.  No attention is being given to the regular upkeep of the roads and bridges, for repairing the surface profile in good condition. This pitiable state of the roads & bridges is due to the indifferent and irresponsible attitudes of the PWD Engineers, who seem to be not bothered about the standards of maintenance of the” running surface” of roads and bridges. In the context of increased axle loads and frequency of  traffic, it is absolutely essential to have constant monitoring of the scheduled maintenance.

My recent travel from Ernakulam to Kottayam on 14th July, was terrifying and dangerous, particularly on the bridge crossing Kaniyampuha river. Can anyone imagine coming across POT HOLES and uneven surfaces on the bridge, as if driving in a PADDY FIELD! Why such careless attitudes by the Engineers of the PWD?  It seems that these Engineers are TECHNICALLY BLIND or they do not want to exert themselves in such hard duties in maintaining roads & bridges. Unless these inefficient officials are removed from SERVICE and able and smart Engineers are put on the job, we will continue to have road accidents in future occurring at one place or other in the state.

I request the PWD minister to take firm action in such cases of negligence of the officials in their primary duties, and employ Engineers of ACTION for the safety works..The Minister concerned may have to revamp the department for better service to the common man in the matter of safe travel on roads & bridges.

Abraham Mangalath

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


                                                       SEAT BELT/HELMET…

The intention of introducing the usage of seat belts or helmets is to ensure safety of the Car & Bike users from fatal accidents that are very frequent in these days. In fact the people who use the vehicles & motor bikes must be thankful for such enforcement of safety rules, as normally everyone likes to take short cuts at any cost!. To safe guard against such casual and careless driving/riding,  we should welcome such safety gadgets.

Now the recent arguments in the state assembly reveal, that the orders for enforcing use of safety belts is being withdrawn as the public are against such compulsory provisions of Law..Can we introduce any rule for that matter, with the consent of the public? No it cannot be done as everyone does not like any restriction in their life. Will anybody obey traffic signals when the signals are out of order or when there is no traffic police nearby?.  Unless the movements at Junctions are restricted, there will be regular collisions and fatal accidents every day.

In no case we can wait for the consent of the public before introducing such safety measures.  Let us be Wise in our Thoughts & Actions..

Abraham Mangalath



                                    THE JAIL-THE PRISONERS’ PARADISE?

Of late, we have been hearing about the comfortable stay of the prisoners in the Jail- “Janatha mythri jail as I may name it. Unlike the earlier times, when prisoners were given restricted facilities, the present generation of prisoners convicted for serious crimes are given freedom to enjoy life in its “full measure”! The media expose many instances of such undue privileges being taken by the prisoners. In fact I feel that the prisoners are happy to remain in a secured environment with all attended facilities which they normally do not enjoy while at home. .Also it may give rise to a feeling that, the jail life is more comfortable than their own house as they get free food, free recreation, free mobile service & what not?

As reported by the visual media, the prisoners are contended with their “Resort like “stay in the jail, and may be reluctant to avail any Parole! In this context I am reminded of Jagathi Sreekumar, the film actor, who wanted to be arrested by the police for a comfortable stopover in Police custody, so that he will be away from his opponents.. He was seen blocking the road by stretching a mat and trying to sleep at the center of the busy road!.That scene indicates that life in police custody or Jail is not uncomfortable!,

It is high time that we think of adopting stern measures to create environments to the prisoners for their repentance and confessing their evildoings and come out of the jail as sober persons doing good to the society. Let us be serious in this matter…

Abraham Mangalath

Sunday, June 8, 2014




We have plenty of old and aged trees standing on both sides of the roads. These trees were planted by our predecessors for providing shade & shelter to the travelling public. These shelters to protect the pedestrians from the scorching sun, were necessary as there were no motor transport then, as we have now. But now what is happening? These inanimate trees (who cannot say that they are weak and dying) are falling dead on the road, killing people. There have been many instances recently about such accidents..

The present administration seems to be not bothered to cut down the “withered tree in time before it falls down and kill the pedestrians or fall on the moving vehicles. Frequent inspection by the local authorities, in this matter is inevitable as such accidents will continue if old trees are not removed and new tree saplings planted in their place.

“Grow more trees” is a policy of the Government, and therefore, it should be religiously followed by the local administration to avoid old trees causing danger to life & property. A proper survey of the withered & old tree in the locality must be done and action taken to cut & remove them and plant new ones in the same spot or nearby. Unless we ensure direct action in this matter, we may continue to kill people on the road!

Abraham Mangalath